Unprecedented times, right? At Genbook, we’ve created this resource hub that will empower you with the much-needed insights, product tips, and tools during the coronavirus crisis. You’ll also get a peek into the various COVID-19 initiatives we’re working on to support your business.

COVID-19 related resources and initiatives to help your small business—all in one place.

What is Genbook doing to support you during COVID-19

We’re here to help you through this crisis. We’re ensuring that you have a strong foothold, during this down-time. We encourage you and your community to take advantage and support each other through these initiatives.  


Give Local

Encourage your clients to buy gift certificate from you during this crisis. Activate your Genbook account and turn on Gift Certificates. Over $1500,000 generated for small business and counting. Listing your business is smart and simple

Are others in your community using Genbook? If you’re looking to support them during Covid-19, join forces with us. Scan our Gift Card marketplace and find your favorite barbers, salon, spa and other small businesses you can buy gift certificates from. 

How do I generate income with Genbook?

Genbook's powerful features can help you generate income even if your shop is physically closed. Explore your options.

Take your business online

Taking bookings for online/mobile appointments is simple with Genbook. Take your client’s address details at the time of booking, add a buffer time between appointments to account for travel time and set services up so clients pay upfront. 

Add your Zoom or other virtual meetings tool in your confirmation and reminder messaging. 

Optimize your business for now

Leverage Genbook’s built-in features for scheduling for social distancing and santization, contactless payments, revenue upsell through gift certificates, and clear client communications through automation.

Set up the service-specific “collect payments” feature to take deposits on future bookings now, to manage cash-flow. Add clients to a waitlist that will notify them when you are open for business again. 

How can I upskill myself during this down-time?

We're here to educate and empower you with information during this crisis. Browse through our COVID-19 content on our learning centre to stay on top of tips for now and post pandemic period.

Articles to navigate through the crisis

Tools & Resources for you

Staying afloat during COVID-19—fast funding options and business crisis strategies for small businesses hit by coronavirus.

Crisis Strategies: How Service-Based Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Small Businesses During Uncertain Times

How To Upskill Yourself During Down Time? 20 Free, Low-Cost And Paid Resources That Are A Click Away [Small Business Entrepreneur Edition]

Way Out Of A Financial Crisis: 8+ Small Business Relief Programs You Should Know About [An Evolving List]

Crisis Strategies: How Service-Based Entrepreneurs Can Get (Fast) Funding to Stay Afloat During COVID-19 & Beyond

How to build a crisis strategy/plan that will help navigate life forward, without you getting overwhelmed

Free, low-cost and paid resources for small business entrepreneurs impacted by COVID-19. This is an evolving resource and we’ll add more to this article every week!

A list of financial relief packages available to small businesses impacted by COVID-19. Keep an eye, as we update this list with new programs each week.

Communicate effectively with your clients during this downtime. Download this pack for free social media templates and email responses that are ready to use.

Social Media Starter Pack

2020 Client Experience Report for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Top Online Booking Sources in 2020

Crisis Communication Pack

Your customers are looking at you even now, so don’t let your social media presence die down. Use this social media starter pack to get access to free templates, resources, a list of hashtags, social media planning tools and more!

Download the client experience report to learn more about what your clients really want from your business. Use the downtime to evaluate what’s missing and plan for it now.

Learn how your clients like to book. Download the insights to know the most popular booking channels and optimize them during this downtime. 

How can I optimize Genbook for now?

Whatever be your situation—we're here to help you. Glance through our FAQs. Need more help? Email us at support@genbook.com

How does Genbook help me optimize my schedule while implementing social distancing measures?

Genbook's powerful scheduling rules help you set up your schedule once, and we'll optimize the rest. 

Add a buffer between appointments for sanitization, and use our Last Minute Booking and Waitlist features to fill your schedule in case of COVID reschedules or cancellations

How does Genbook help me generate more income while my schedule is reduced due to COVID-19?

If you are forced to close your business, Genbook's #spreadloveinstead campaign can help you generate income through Gift Certificate purchases. If you are able to work remotely, Genbook can help you take online appointments or mobile appointments. If you have re-opened Genbook's POS Tips and Inventory features can help you maximize your revenue.

How does Genbook help me communicate with my clients and build trust during this crisis?

Genbook is here with you during this crisis. Through the General Announcement feature you can update your of COVID-19-related policy or practice changes — additional disinfecting measures, limitations on number of people in your salon, spa, or studio, early closures, etc. The Waitlist feature can help you add your best clients to a future waitlist which will notify them when you re-open your doors.

We’ve also developed a crisis communication pack with social media templates and ready to copy email templates that will come in handy when you communicate with them. Download that here.

Keep up to date about how we're trying to support you during the crisis, follow us online for more information.

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