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How To Ramp Up Your Online Digital Presence: 6 Proven Ways for Hair and Beauty Entrepreneurs

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Learn more about growing the online presence of your small business, limiting digital distraction, and more with India Hughes from Genbook and Geoffrey Brown from GoDaddy. 

What will you learn?

This on-demand webinar will help you discover and learn the step by step process that you should take in building your brand's digital presence today minus the anxiety and stress.

Download the accessible version to learn how to:

Let people get to know you and your small business

How to leverage online platforms to increase bookings

How to minimize digital distractions with automation

How to have active conversations and create relationships

How to work with micro-influencers

How to build your online reputation to boost trust and win clients

"I found this webinar really informative with a number of good ideas and examples that I could implement"

 - Jani Smith from Global Aesthetics, NY

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